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Want to get noticed by Stay At Home Cat Mom?

We would love to re-tweet you; however, there are a few requirements:

  • Must feature cat -obviously we only  tweet cat related things.
  • Nothing that looks like abuse! – That should be obvious.
  • No political posts – We are really happy you are proud of your political leanings, but we want to be open to any and all cat lovers and just focus on the cats.  The cat moms at Stay At Home have different views also so we refrain from being political as much as possible.

The best ways of getting a re-tweet from us is by submitting the form below, using the hashtag #StayAtHomeCatMom or by tagging us @SAHomeCatMom!

We try to get to your tweet as soon as we can, but please know that we are not on the computer 24/7.

Also, if you have not heard- We have just launched our “PURRfect Picture” page! Email us a pic of you with your cat and we will post it to our page! Check out PURRfect Picture here and find out the requirements!

Have a PAWsome day,

Stay At Home Cat Mom

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Submit your cat tweets on Stay At Home Cat Mom's #TweetMe page to see your tweets in their twitter feed!

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