5 Videos For Cats To Watch

Watching videos can be an interactive and great-for-the-brain activity for cats. I have compiled  a list of videos that are entertaining for cats to watch. *We recommend the touch screen be disabled during the viewing of the video.*


Squirrels at the park

Cats love watching birds and squirrels! Your cat will be very interested in the sounds coming from this video with the birds tweeting in the background. It is like their own day at the park.

Catching mice  

The perfect kind of mice catching- with no dead bodies involved! These little mice make an interesting sound that will attract your cat. The mice pop in and out to keep your kitty’s brain interested.

Laser chaser  

What cat doesn’t love the laser? This laser will keep your cats interested with the sounds of birds squeaking in the background.

Snake in the Sand

This snake in the sand is a great video for any cats who love to chase the wand! This full 10 minute long video will keep your cat entertained.

Catching Ladybugs

Your cat will get a kick out of watching the lady bugs crawl all over the screen. It will probably try to catch them with his paws.


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My Cats Favorite YouTube Videos!

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