How To Toilet Train Your Cat In 14 Days Or Less

The thought of training your cat to use the toilet is an amusing concept for cat moms. After all who wouldn’t prefer the toilet over a stinky litter box. There are lots of benefits of training a cat to use the toilet. It eliminates the odor produced by the litter container. There will be less work for you to clean. It requires patience, learning, and tolerance to toilet train a cat. Listed below are steps to toilet train your cat in 14 days or less:

  • Designate toilet for your Cat:

It’s recommended that you have separate bathroom for your cat if you want to toilet train it. You may need use the bathroom fast and it complicates things when you have the training pan on the toilet seat.

  • Collect the necessary items:

The supplies you will need before toilet training your cat include:training seat and flush-able cat litter.

  • Elevate the litter box each week in segments:

To help your cat in toilet training you will have to elevate the litter box up close to the toilet seat. In the long run, your cat will be able to hop onto the toilet seat. You can use stacks of newspaper, cardboard or worn out magazines to raise the litter box by 3 inches every day till it’s on close to the toilet seat.

  • Put the litter box on the toilet seat:    

When the litter box is level to the toilet seat then put it on the top of the toilet seat and let it be there for a couple of days. This way your cat will get comfortable and relaxed enough to be on the toilet.


  • Swap the litter box with a training seat filled with flush-able litter:

As soon as your cat is easily using the litter box without any mishaps then this is the stage when you can use your training seat. And swap the litter box with a training seat filled with flush-able litter.

  • Switch into using in the toilet:

Give your cat adequate time to get used to going to the bathroom on the training seat. As soon as your cat feels safe about squatting on the training seat he/she will begin to use it.  


  • Remove the training seat:

After slowly expanding the dimensions of the hole or training plates, you can take away the training base finally. Now your cat should be relaxed and content in going to the bathroom in the toilet rather than the litter box.

Have you had any experience training your cat to use the ceramic idol? We would love to hear about it!

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Toilet train your cat in 14 days or less!

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10 thoughts on “How To Toilet Train Your Cat In 14 Days Or Less”

  1. I want to try this so badly because my cat is a digger and flings litter EVERYWHERE!

  2. Prince Michael was very good at it. With Wesley it was hard for him to balance and aim in the toilet. But I stopped because we only had one toilet. But yeah i have to clean litter everywhere lol too. I found a huge sized litter box on amazon but they still fling.

  3. I have had cats my whole life and never tried this. all though I heard it can be done..not sure Id have time to carry it all out..ha

    Great post! I LOVE CATS

  4. My cats seem to thoroughly ENJOY scratching around in the litter. One of them actually rolls around in fresh litter, taking a dust bath! I can’t imagine they would want to give that up in favor of “perching” on the edge of a seat, over a bowl of water. But for those that it works with, it definitely makes cleaning up after your cat a breeze!

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