How to Become a Stay at Home Cat Mom and Make Money

So you’re a cat mom, and you like the homey atmosphere. Meanwhile, you want to make money without having to get out of the house. A lot of people say that working in an office with a clear schedule is better, but I say that being a working Stay at Home Cat Mom is very beneficial! I simply want to stay at home with my furry friend while working, and that is what I aim at!

With the culture of digital nomads rising in this era, why won’t you give working from home a try?

Here are the benefits:

1) You get to spend more time with your kitty cat

Admit it. You love your cat more than anything else in the world. You even cancel plans when you want to spend more time with it. How lovely would it be to get to spend the entire day with your little munchkin! As a stay-at-home cat mom, I can say that spending my day with my little one sitting on my lap is the most cherished thing ever.

2) You save money

Saving money is everyone’s ultimate goal. Let me tell you that working from home is pocket-friendly. First, you do not spend on the commute, that can really add up. Also, you don’t need to buy as much fancy clothes and makeup as you do if you are working in public. Some business environments require a special fashion etiquette which consists of formal clothes and makeup. Shopping and going to the beauty salon can be expensive. Plus, you do not need takeout as much as you did before since the kitchen is right next to you. Home cooking is actually cost-effective.

3) You are free to design your schedule the way you want

Your 9 AM to 5 PM job can become your 3 PM to 11 PM job or your 5 AM to 2PM job! Some people are morning birds, others are night owls. People are different and each of us feels that they focus the best during a specific time during the day. No matter when you decide to work, you’re free to do whatever you want as long as you complete the tasks and not miss deadlines!

4) You become healthier

Working in a public office means ordering out a lot! Since the commute and traffic make people tired, most employees do not feel like cooking once they get home! However, staying at home means having more time to go grocery shopping and preparing your own food!

5) You have more time on your hands

On average, people waste a lot of time on the road. Imagine that you have this free time to yourself. You can use it to go to the gym, find a new hobby, socialize, or get some sleep!

6) You work in a less stressful environment

Stay at home cat mom office-mate
The purrfect office-mate

Not all offices are the same, but here are the most common things that annoy people: gossipers, loud voices, stressed bosses, control-freak managers… Avoiding these things will bring you a peace of mind and you will get to focus on your tasks rather than trying to forget about the disturbing elements in your area.

How to become a Stay At Home Cat Mom?
Follow these steps!

Step 1: Plan ahead

Ask yourself the following questions: will it be financially beneficial to me? Will I lose my health coverage? Will I be able to focus at home? Etc.

Not all people can work at home; some get distracted easily. Analyze your personality and your time management skills before taking a step further.

Step 2: Look for opportunities before getting a new job

Do not quit before securing another position. Make sure you’ve got yourself a new job before you quit. You do not need to be unemployed because that is definitely difficult and might last longer than you expect.

Step 3: Find what you are passionate about

Being a working Stay At Home Cat Mom is for people who like comfort and want to pursue their dreams. Do your best to research for job opportunities that best fit your interests! Also, make sure you also find a new activity to adopt since you’ll have extra alone-time!

Check out Work at Home Jobs for Cat Lovers!

Step 4: Have a clear schedule

No matter where you are working, you need a timetable. You can write your schedule on a cardboard or save it on your cell phone, as long as you feel comfortable with the timing! Do not forget to set alarms and have a daily agenda with your tasks written on it! Organization and routine are important!

Step 5: Get outside

Why not work in the park or in a café for a change? Purrhaps you can find a cat café in your area! As long as you have your laptop and a stable internet connection, you’re good to go! This will give you the opportunity to discover your area- or other countries- and meet new people! Break the routine!

Step 6: Always look for better opportunities

Always remember that you should only settle for happiness, not a good job. Find a job that makes you happy! Always stay in contact with your connections on Linkedin and look for a better opportunity. Changing is the lifestyle of this century. Why not be a part of it?

Step 7: Make room for improvement

Work on yourself on all aspects: professionally, spiritually, socially… Working from home gives you the luxury of getting to spend time with not only your precious furbaby, but also yourself; so, spend it smartly and always try to improve. Sign up for classes and take online courses! This world is fast-paced, and we always need to catch it up!


Stay at home cat mom cat bag
I’ll come with you everywhere!

Being a Stay At Home Cat Mom is honestly the best decision I have ever made. I feel better about myself and about my life! If you are looking forward to changing your lifestyle, think through it before making any decision! I hope my advice will help you!

Keep purring,

Stay At Home Cat Mom


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  1. Great post! I’m a stay at home dog and cat mom. (I’m a full time pet blogger). All of the points you made are so true. I’ve always been a homebody so it’s the perfect lifestyle for me. I also don’t get sick as much because I’m not in public with germs. The stay at home life is the best!

  2. Oh my gosh this is one of the cutest blog posts I’ve seen. I’m a cat mom to one fiesty little guy but I work a regular office full-time job. Would love to be a stay at home cat mom 🙂

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