Happy Birthday Meow Meows!!

Today is Prince Michael And Wesley’s Birthday! Happy 8th Birthday!! I was so excited about it that I  decided to buy them some presents! They weren’t so thrilled though. LOL This is one proud cat mom here! 

Birthday BoysProud Cat Mommy handsome son!


Gift Ideas for cats

So you might be wondering what gifts I bought them for their birthday. I just kept it simple you can never go wrong with the basics. LOL

  1. Cat Scratch Post – They already have two of these, but they are shredded to pieces. I was going to re-twine them but haven’t gotten around to it haha. This new one is carpeted so I will see how they like it.
  2. Automated Laser – My cats are not thrilled by much. But this is one thing they never get tired of a laser light.
  3. Apollo Peak White Kittendel – My cats haven’t tried the cat wine yet. But it has cat nip in it so they gotta love it. lol


Happy Birthday Meow Meows!!


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