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National Pet Fire Safety Day is observed on the 15th of July every year. The association between American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services prompted the first Pet Fire Safety Day being held in 2009. The idea behind this event is to enlighten pet owners of the risks their beloved pet could pose in the home with regard to fire, how to take the right steps to prevent fires, and how to effectively plan for emergencies.
Pet owners should make use of the day to discuss their responsibilities for helping a pet escape in case of a fire outbreak and also practice some escape drills. Unfortunately, curiosity is what gets most pets in trouble. As your pets owners, keeping them safe requires action and foresight. Yet, the good thing is you can create a safe home for your pet.

Here are some tips on how to keep your pet safe in case of  an emergency.

Be Prepared!

  • Electrical cords need to be taped down and protected. Electric cords can be fatal if your dog/cat/pet is a chewer. When not in use, gently unplug cords directly from the socket or wall instead of switching on and off the lights.
  • Have collars and leashes stored close to the entrance of your home. If possible, whenever you are far from home, have your pets in the main living room for easy rescue; keep them in rooms (near entrances) where firefighters can find them without stress.
  • Pets are usually frightened by noisy merriment and firecrackers. It is advisable to have a plan to protect them from being frightened by the noise. Fireworks can cause severe trauma to some pets, so it is best to leave them indoor if you go out to celebrate.

Prevent Burns

  • Be extremely careful with candles. Your pet might be lured by the flicker of the flame. Without proper care, burning candles can pose a big problem. Place all candles high enough off the ground; this will ensure your pet’s tail doesn’t get scorched or accidentally thumps over the candle and starts a fire.
    Scorched Feathers or whiskers will not only make you lose your smile but your pet can also suffer from a serious burn. To protect your pets and home, place glass covers over candles.
  • Space heaters and fireplaces can cause burns to your pet if they get too close. As pet owners, make sure you keep your cat, dog, and other pets far from these places.

 Keep a pet list

Keeping a pet list in your front window can help you in case of emergency. Keep your list updated because firefighters will only rescue the number of pets they are familiar with. Knowing the exact number of pets in your house helps rescuers in securing all of your pets during emergencies.

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Click here to download a printable PDF Fire Safety Poster


You will successfully keep your pets and home safe when you put these tips into practice. #PetFireSafetyDay

Do you have more tips for keeping pets safe in an emergency? Comment them below and we will add them in!

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