Cat Quotes- A Visual Gallery

Cat Quotes We have created this visual gallery of cat quotes. Who doesn’t like to look at adorable cats, while they read some PAWsome cat quotes? We hope you enjoy! *Click on the image to view full size!* We will update this post whenever we add more visual quotes! We hope you enjoy! Have a […]

10 Feb 2017

Helpful Tips

What to do when your cat is missing

What to do when your cat goes missing? Having the experience of a lost cat is a emotional journey. Let me tell you..When Prince Michael and Wesley went missing I was devastated! I would listen to: Mariah Carey, “Without You” and Whitney Houston  & Mariah Carey, “When You Believe” – on repeat!  I thought my life […]

10 Feb 2017


Dealing with the loss of your cat

Dealing with the loss of your cat When someone whom you really love leaves this world, it’s normal to sense mourning, feel heartache, and you assume that your family and friends will support and understand your detaching pain. It’s unfortunate that you often don’t get such a sympathetic attitude when your beloved cat dies. Most […]

10 Feb 2017


5 Things Being A Cat Lover Says About You

5 Things Being A Cat Lover Says About You Hey fellow cat lover! People who love cats like their space just as cats do. We are misunderstood just the way people who don’t like cats and like dogs more. To enjoy us you have to understand these 5 character qualities that we have in common […]

10 Feb 2017

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