Prince Michael and Wesley’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Meow Meows!! Today is Prince Michael And Wesley’s Birthday! Happy 8th Birthday!! I was so excited about it that I  decided to buy them some presents! They weren’t so thrilled though. LOL This is one proud cat mom here!    Gift Ideas for cats So you might be wondering what gifts I bought […]

4 May 2017


Gift Ideas for Cat Moms!

Gift Ideas For Cat Moms Mother’s day is coming up, but you aren’t sure what to get that cat mom on your list? Fear not! We’ve put together this totally PAWsome  gift ideas list so you’ll know just what to get! These ideas would be great for cat moms on any occasion! For the Coffee-Loving […]

30 Apr 2017

A day in the life

Apollo Peak Cat Wine Review

Cat Wines   Have you ever heard of Apollo Peak Cat Wines!? I found them at a local shop and I thought how fun! Now I can enjoy a glass of wine with my furbabies! There aren’t actually any alcohol in the cat wines, instead they are made with catnip! I got the “Pinot Meow” but there […]

22 Apr 2017

A day in the life

The Book Bin – A cat-friendly bookshop!

The Book Bin – A Cat-Friendly Bookshop It was a dreary Sunday morning. As I stepped off the train at the Salem, Oregon my foot fell into an ankle deep puddle. Alicia was there to pick me up, and she drove us to her favorite Indian restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, they didn’t open for another […]

30 Mar 2017


10 Work at Home Jobs For Cat Lovers

10 Work at Home Jobs For Cat Lovers If you’re crazy about cats and enjoy spending your time with your fur babies then why not follow your passion! Would you like the freedom to create your own schedule to do the things in life you really want to do? Can I get a meow! More […]

28 Mar 2017


World Cat Day!

World Cat Day! Hey it is World Cat Day! I know if you are visiting Stay At Home Cat Mom you are probably one of those people who celebrate cat day everyday! You absolutely LOVE your cat, just like we LOVE ours! Celebrate with the ones you love! Tag us in a photo on social […]

17 Feb 2017


How To Get Rid Of Pesky Fleas For Good!

How To Get Rid Of Pesky Fleas – For Good! Fleas! Yuck! No one wants fleas in their house. Once you get them they are HARD to get rid of! Here are some tips we have used that actually work! Use all these remedies simultaneously for maximum efficiency. Flea Medicine Get your cats on GOOD […]

10 Feb 2017


5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat

5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat Cats can teach us so many things about life if we would just listen! Here are five amazing life lessons we can learn from a cat. Live in the Moment Cats are constantly living in the moment. They are aware with all their sense and ready to pounce […]

10 Feb 2017


How To Toilet Train Your Cat In 14 Days Or Less

How To Toilet Train Your Cat In 14 Days Or Less The thought of training your cat to use the toilet is an amusing concept for cat moms. After all who wouldn’t prefer the toilet over a stinky litter box. There are lots of benefits of training a cat to use the toilet. It eliminates the odor produced by the […]

10 Feb 2017

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