Meet Our Cats

Meet our precious feline children !

Roses kitties:

Our feline children - Little Kitty

Little Kitty: She is our mama kitty, the other three kitties were her babies. She is a very sweet girl who loves to catch mice and find a comfy place to cuddle. She is also a big fan of watching her boys play with a laser pointer from up high in the cat tree.

Our feline children - Loomy

Loomy: Loomy is short for Aluminum, because when he was a baby he looked silver like aluminum foil. He is a therapy cat for my son who has autism and one of the sweetest most cuddly (and super soft) kitties I have ever met.

Our feline children- Sir Meows A Lot

Sir Fight Meows-A-Lot: Originally named just “fight” by my son, because of his love of play-fighting his name has grown just like he has. He is always ready to play, but he is the rascal of the group! His favorite hobby is jumping on people’s backs.

Our Feline FurBabies- Lucky

Lucky: Lucky is a sweet little guy, he looks a lot like “fight” at first glance, but he has a little white spot on his chest and if you look at him closely his fur is a lighter black with stripes in it. His favorite cuddle spot is on his mom’s chest. He loves cuddling with Rose and is always there to “help” her with homework!

Alicia’s Cats:

Wesley and Prince Michael are brothers. They came from Rose’s Dad and Step-mom’s cat. They were born May 4, 2009. I had been wanting a white cat. So I had my eyes on Prince Michael from the first time I saw the picture with mama cat. Although his fur grew darker as he became an adult. He was so cute the runt of the litter! He was very smart even as a itty bitty kitty. The first day I had him home I forgot to leave the bedroom door open to the bathroom where the litter box was. I woke up to him plopping his butt on my head. He was telling me he needed to use the litter box! He’s a very shy kitty. Wesley has opened up a bit and has more of a cattitude now! But he’s definitely the cuddler! Funny Fact: I almost named Prince Michael Crazy Baby. lol until i found out he was a boy. Wesleys name comes from Princess Bride my favorite movie. And I am a fan of Michael Jackson that’s how Prince Michael got his name. LOL

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