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pretty litter

FYI: there is talk of pee and poop.

lol  So I was going to buy one of those cat urine tests but instead I bought pretty litter because I kept seeing the ads on fb… I thought I give it a try.

After reading the stories about cats having urine crystals I was curious to know what ph level Prince Michael and Wesley were at. I ordered it about a week before I took Prince Michael to the veterinarian.  It arrived the day he stayed the night at the vet.

Since he was feeling loopy from being under anesthesia and being sick I thought I would put pretty litter in his own litter box to use.  I bought enough for one month for one cat. I only saw Wesley get in once. He preferred the normal kitty litter in the giant litter box they have, so I know Prince Michael was the one using it most.

Sorry didn’t take that great of pictures lol but you can see what it looks like before its used.

Not so pretty lol

It was way messier than clay litter. and I have linoleum flooring if I had carpet it would be have settled into to the carpet. Almost like gritty clear sand. It was tracked everywhere. Within the first week it was already nasty, even after scooping the pee and poop out..It doesn’t clump really so the used litter is kinda just used and used.  It almost smelt like top ramen seasoning mixed with pee. lol If you have a smaller cat this might be a good product. But my cats if are frequent litter box users. They could fill it up in a day. LMAO

Maybe I’m not sure…

I would only buy this again so I could periodically check their urine every once and a while. Since I’m assuming the one month amount is bigger than an actual urine testing kit you could use it several times.



I hope this review will save you time and money lol.


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14 thoughts on “My Honest Pretty Litter Review”

  1. It’s definitely not very pretty litter. I don’t have a cat but I know I have had friends struggle finding stuff their cat will use.

  2. We had a similiar experience with pretty litter. It was not actually very pretty and at first the cats refuse to use it (especially the sick one). We bought enough litter for two cats for two months according to the website. But because it doesn’t Clump it was all over our house too & didnt last that long! And I mean it was everywhere!! It did help us figure out that our really old cat putty had another urinary issues going on. Other than that it was horrible. And it smelled so so bad.

  3. mmmm the fact that it would fill up quickly might not be so great!
    I don’t have a cat anymore but it wasn’t great having to change her litter box every few hours!
    I remember when my son started crawling how the litter box became a total nightmare!

  4. I’ve never heard of this, what a cool idea to be able to just check the levels in the litter. Although, my cat is not very neat when it comes to getting litter everywhere, so it would make such a mess in my house!

  5. I’ve never used litter like this before. We have three cats at home and it’s tough to clean up as it is. I don’t think I’ll be getting litter like this! Too bad, it looks pretty! Lol

  6. I haven’t had a cat in quite some time so I don’t know about which litters I would prefer honestly. I just have to say that this does not sound like something I would want to get.

  7. I have a comment to offer. I received m first first bag of kitty litter yesterday. I did not open it as I had been reading some bad things about it. I do not want to pay $21 for a bag of white sand. I could go to the beach and get one free.
    Please refund my money immediately.

  8. I have had a completely different experience. The litter is white with orange flecks way prettier than ugly clay or corn and light like sand but so absorbent unlike sand. My two male cats (13 and 3 yo) took to it right away and also use it frequently. I have used it for one month only removing the solid waste and there is no stinky litter box smell. This litter is specifically not clumping litter, so as the instructions state you have to mix the litter around after the solids are removed so the silica can dry up the non solid waste. I’ve tried many cat litters and I’m sticking with this one.

  9. I completely agree. I have had nothing but fantadtic results. I will never buy another cat litter as long as this one is around! It is pure genius! And a gift from heaven above!

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