Pretty Litter

pretty litter

FYI: there is talk of pee and poop.

lol  So I was going to buy one of those cat urine tests but instead I bought pretty litter because I kept seeing the ads on fb… I thought I give it a try.

After reading the stories about cats having urine crystals I was curious to know what ph level Prince Michael and Wesley were at. I ordered it about a week before I took Prince Michael to the veterinarian.  It arrived the day he stayed the night at the vet.

Since he was feeling loopy from being under anesthesia and being sick I thought I would put pretty litter in his own litter box to use.  I bought enough for one month for one cat. I only saw Wesley get in once. He preferred the normal kitty litter in the giant litter box they have, so I know Prince Michael was the one using it most.

Sorry didn’t take that great of pictures lol but you can see what it looks like before its used.

Not so pretty lol

It was way messier than clay litter. and I have linoleum flooring if I had carpet it would be have settled into to the carpet. Almost like gritty clear sand. It was tracked everywhere. Within the first week it was already nasty, even after scooping the pee and poop out..It doesn’t clump really so the used litter is kinda just used and used.  It almost smelt like top ramen seasoning mixed with pee. lol If you have a smaller cat this might be a good product. But my cats if are frequent litter box users. They could fill it up in a day. LMAO

Maybe I’m not sure…

I would only buy this again so I could periodically check their urine every once and a while. Since I’m assuming the one month amount is bigger than an actual urine testing kit you could use it several times.



I hope this review will save you time and money lol.


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