How to keep the peace in a multi-cat home

If you like a challenge then living with four cats should really test not only your patience, but your nerves, and your pockets. This is because, within the first few months, you’ll need new sofas, net curtains, and a new house for your cats. Only joking…. Maybe..?

At first, this might seem hectic yet they are an endless source of fun, amusement, and noise. Remember that the way in which you introduce the new cat to its new home will have a great impact on their future relationship. To establish a solid relationship, here are 5 successful tips to help you keep the peace in a multi-cat home.


1. Gradually Introduce New Cats To Each Other

How to keep the peace in a mult-cat home

A new cat should be properly introduced to your home gradually. This can’t be accomplished in a day; hence you have to take a step wise approach to begin the introduction. Make the new comfortable outdoor where it can see the other cats. Note: the first introduction doesn’t necessarily need direct contact with them. After a few day let them sniff each other’s belongings like toys or blankets. Make sure they are being fed apart but in the same space. At last they could meet under your close watch, and if you observe any aggression towards each other, you may need to go over step 1 again.


2. Neuter male cats
Keep the peace in a multi-cat home

While we believe all cats should be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted kittens; young male cats tend to be aggressive towards each other when they grow up. This is very crucial in order to avoid catastrophe and injuries when trying to stop them fighting. However, this can be prevented if you neuter male cats before they grow matured. It will even prevent them from spraying.


3. Always Feed The Aggressive Cats First
Keep the peace in a mult-cat home

In most multi-cat homes, meal times can be chaotic unless dealt with carefully. Observe the more aggressive ones during their meals and make it a habit to feed them first – now you can feed the others while the aggressive ones are busy with their meals.


4. Avoid Any Preferential Treatment

Like humans, cats can be jealous animals. To prevent jealousy among your cats, it is important to pay equal attention to them all.


5. Provide Enough Resting Places and Bedding For Them All
Keep the peace in a multi-cat home

It is late and your cats are probably stressed after a long day. It is your responsibility to provide enough bed space for them in order to avoid competition. Providing enough comfortable resting places will ensure that your cats have their specific corner to sleep in.


It might seem tough at first, but do not give up too easily – always be patience! It can take several weeks for them to adapt to their new home. Also, remember to provide enough litter-box (usually more than the number of cats) for your cats when required. Even cats that get along pretty well don’t always like to share their facilities. Applying these tips will ensure the peace in your multi-cat home.

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  1. These are all great tips! My cat absolutely hates all other cats and picks fights with them, but I hope to be able to adopt a couple more someday (…when I’m living in a place that allows more than one! 😛 )!

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