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As a cat owner, grooming cats may seem easy but that shouldn’t limit your responsibility to take care of.

The grooming session is a good time to properly check your cat’s eyes, ears, claws, and teeth. Choose a relaxed, quiet time to groom your cat. For a young kitten, take the time to carefully handle these areas to get her used to this session. By the time she is grown-up; manipulating these areas will not be a traumatic event. For an adult cat, you may proceed at her pace.

Choosing peaceful setting.

Rose and little kitty cuddling before grooming

First, choose the right place to groom your cats. Your cat needs to be a little distracted so that it’ll always welcome you to groom her. Grooming outdoors during the early morning or in the evening is probably the perfect grooming setting for your cat. This setting provides sound and activities to distract your cat to what it’s going to face.

Get combing.

Loomy getting his hair combed - an important part of grooming your long haired cat

After choosing a convenient location, start the initial combing of your cat with a fine toothed metal comb. Make sure to keep watch for any sign of parasites or fleas. A soft brush or bristle comb, which is less likely to irritate her skin, is recommended. Repeating this process with a hard rubber brush will enable you to exert more pressure on your cat without causing any inconvenience.

If your cat gets hurt due to your carelessness, it is likely not to allow you to groom again. Following each grooming session, make sure that the loose hair is properly disposed of.

After brushing

a clean cat is a happy cat.

After brushing and combing your cat, carefully rub the palm of your hand over her coat, and after that give her the last wipe with a chamois. Note: Before you start brushing your long haired cat, sprinkle fuller’s earth or cornstarch through her coat and then carefully massage it to make sure the powder is uniformly spread. Fuller’s earth is a natural way to keep fleas at bay.

Examine the mouth.

Loomy's pearly whitesNext is to lift her upper lip to check her gums. Her gums ought to be pink and her teeth, white. If you choose to brush your cat’s teeth, make sure to use specially made toothpaste for cats, as human toothpaste are toxic to your pet.

Trimming the Claws

clipping the claws is an important part of grooming

Trimming your cats claws is fairly easy. Start your cat from a young age and make it part of your routine, this will make it much easier. When your cat gets a bit older it can be more difficult to fit this into your routine, but you can easy your furbaby into it.  You can see our full guide to claw trimming on the blog next week!

Bath time

A bath is a great part of grooming

Another important step to grooming your cat is to give her a bath. It is recommended to take a small carrier along with a clean towel into the bathroom with you in case your cat gets agitated before, during or after the bathing routine. The cat can be placed in the carrier until he or she settles down.

HELPFUL TIP: Installing a detachable shower head can make bath time easier, I have found this to be very beneficial to making bath time process go more smoothly and efficiently getting your cat wet.

After bathing, use a cotton ball dampened with warm water to clean the inner parts of your cat’s ears. Be careful not to put a cotton ball into her ear canal, else she reacts and gets injured.

You survived

Rose and Little Kitty

Grooming your cat is very important as it helps to establish a bond/relationship between you and your beloved pet. If you start prepping your cat today, the two of you will have fun moments and experience together.

We hope that you will find this guide to grooming helpful!  What is the grooming routine like at your house? Tell us about it down in the comments!

Have a PAWsome day!

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A guide to grooming your cat

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  1. Great list of tips! Most of our cats have long fur. Sometimes brushing and fur trims are difficult so we always have lots of cat treats on hand. We also get them to play until they’re tired. Grooming them when they are relaxed helps minimize wrestling with the grooming tools.

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