Creating Effective Goals

So you want to be a working Stay At Home Cat Mom; I mean, who wouldn’t want their favorite fur-baby as a co-worker? In order to succeed you must set yourself some clear goals. You can write all this down on some scratch paper, or I created this awesome worksheet to go along with this post!

Step 1 – Write out your goals!

That should be easy enough right?
Where do you see yourself in the future? What does the big picture look like for you? Dream big!!

Write out some long term and some short term goals that will help you to reach your ultimate goal of where you want to see yourself in the future.

Think big! You can reach those goals!

Step 2 – Evaluating Goals

Are your goals SMART?

Smart goals are:
Specific (well defined)
Measurable (You can tell when you’ve reached it)
Achievable (It is something that you can attain)
Realistic (with the time given and resources you can attain it)
Time-Based (You have a deadline which gives you enough time)

List your goals and go through each step to determine if they meet the SMART requirements.

  • If a goal meets this requirement it’s a great goal! It passes! YOU GOT THIS!
  • If a goal doesn’t meet this requirement then, this goal just needs a little adjusting. What can you do to make it a SMART goal? Make it more specific, define a point that tells you that you have made it, or adjust the time requirement.

Stop Wishing. Start Doing!

Step 3 – Finding Your Motivation

Use a separate piece of paper for each goal and write out the following:

What is the goal?
What is the WHY? – Why is this goal important, Why do you want to reach it? What is the motivation behind it?

An image of success: What does success look like? How do you know that you have reached this goal. Draw or write out a picture of what reaching this goal looks like or exactly what it is that will make you know that you have reached this goal! Creating a vision board is fun way show what your goals are and can be very motivational!

Deadline: When do you want to reach this goal by? A deadline will help you to get moving on your goal. Making others know your deadline will also help you to get moving on your goal- so you don’t disappoint!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Step 4 – Facing Issues

Things go wrong, it is easiest to face issues when you have a plan of action. For each goal you need to think hard about what could possibly go wrong. Having a plan of action of how you will battle these issues can help you be more prepared to face them when they come up. How will you face these issues that may arise. Having a plan in place ahead of time will make facing these issues easy!

No matter how you feel. Get up. Get Dressed. Show up. and never give up!

Step 5 – Starting Small

Now let’s break- down our goals into steps.
For each goal you will make a list of steps that should be taken each month of the year. This is only necessary if your goal is over a month long- if its shorter skip to week or daily planning!
Next look over your monthly steps and transfer them over to weekly steps.
And from there you will break your weekly steps down even further into daily steps. These small steps will make your daily tasks less overwhelming and help you on your way to reaching your goals!

Setting goals- Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now!

We have created a 9-page workbook to help with these goals!

We hope this post helps you on your way to becoming a Stay At Home Cat Mom, or in any other goals that you choose.

Have a purrtastic day,

Stay At Home Cat Mom

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