Cats may be small but powerful pets that can easily wriggle out of most situations, especially when it involves swallowing a pill. However, this process (swallowing pills) cannot be skipped as it prevents your pet from several illnesses and diseases. There are several methods for getting a cat to swallow pills. These methods to give a pill to your cat are effective and a lot easier than you think.


The old-fashioned way of giving your cat a pill is to simply chase her around, prying its mouth and throwing the pill down her throat. Pressing gently and holding your cat’s mouth closed, your cat should swallow the pill.


If that doesn’t work out, you should follow these few steps.
Step 1
Playing with your cat with its favorite toy will help to relax it. The playing pattern shouldn’t be exhausting; rather it should be aimed at uplifting her mood.
Step 2
Sitting on the floor, wrap your knees around your cat so it can’t push forward or back out. If you own a small cat, lift the cat and place him or her on a grooming table or countertop.
Step 3
Have the pill on one hand and place your thumb/fingertips (with the other) on either side of her jaw, stroking the neck gently so that your thumb/fingertips open her mouth. Quickly poke the pill into her mouth so he/she won’t be able to spit the pill out!
Step 4
Still, hold your cat’s mouth shut, tilt her head up while gently blowing on the tip of her nose. This action will lead your cat to swallow on reflex before it has an opportunity to puke medicine out.


This method involves using what your cat likes to eat the most. Her favorite might be cheese. Here’s what to do:
Step 1
Get a mild-flavored cheese that’s solid at room temperature but melts well.
Step 2
Slice off a small piece of food and warm it until it melts completely but not burnt.
Step 3
Stick the pill inside the food – make the pill unnoticeable.
Step 4
Allow the favorite food to cool.
Step 5
Now you have your cat’s favorite food hidden with the pill inside. Serve your cat and boom, you’re done!


In every step, make sure you praise your cat. This will help him/her relax and establish trust all through the process.

Most cats prefer moist food so you can crush the pill into fine powder and sprinkle it over their food. They will eat it easily right up without any notice.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pet piller. This device is available from your veterinarian or pet stores. A pet piller is a plastic rod with a plunger at the end. The plunger is where you insert the pill in one end to transport the pill down the cat’s throat. Even with this, you still need to get a good grip on your cat; else you will face the wrath of his/her flying claws.

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