Getting excited! 

When you think about your life does it make you excited? If your life doesn’t excite you its never too late to start living life on your own terms. Start by doing things that are meaningful to you. It’s all about your mindset. It’s a matter of transitioning and doing. Never give up on your dreams because when you look back on your life you will only regret the things you didn’t do. Here are some ways to help get you excited and transform your life!

Daily Ritual

It’s amazing what you can get done when you do things the moment you think of them instead of after you have procrastinated! It makes a wave with a positive vibe for the rest of the day. And everything just seems to go your way! Create a daily ritual that you get up and take action on your to do list. When I wake up drink lemon water. This energizes me. Even 10 minutes of exercise in the morning will set the vibe for your whole day. I prefer less strenuous like doing yoga. Meditation is really beneficial too.

Rewarding yourself

When you complete each goal reward yourself. Even if it’s small it will be something to look forward too. This will keep you motivated. Don’t be too hard on yourself when something doesn’t work out. Maybe it will open doors in other ways.

Reading is feeding your mind.

Start reading a book for just 10 minutes a day. Just like you feed your body every day, you should be feeding your brain. You’ll increase your brain power and you will become smarter. Knowledge is power. Read and succeed.


Solutions = Growth. To get solutions ask yourself What?How? Why? When you’re always growing you’re inspired to do more! Challenge yourself by doing the things you fear. And continuously making new goals after you have finished old ones. Fear acronym:F.E.A.R. Face Everything And Rise.

Vision Board

A vision board is like writing goals but visually. It’s a fun art project you can decorate it however you like. Get creative with it by using pictures from a magazine or you can print them out. Have your vision board displayed next to your work space or somewhere you can look at it and be reminded of your visions. Update it when you complete a vision you had.

Creative Visualization

By using your imagination create a visual of what you want your life to be like. Imagine in the present moment you already have what it is you want. You must really feel it with your thoughts, feelings and emotions all together. And Believe. Be sure your intentions are clear, so they will be strong in your imagination. Having faith and believing is the power of creative visualization. You can use the pictures on from your vision board. Focus on your visual desires often. See yourself achieving or receiving what it is you want.

Do it Meow!



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  1. I love these cat photos! I have been reading every night before bed for years now and it definitely helps me relax at night. PS today is the 7 year anniversary from when we found/rescued our cat Snowflake 🙂

  2. What an awesome way to motivate yourself to go after what you’ve always wanted in life! I think this is such a lovely idea, visualize your dream and eventually make it come true!

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