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How To Get Rid Of Pesky Fleas – For Good!

Fleas! Yuck! No one wants fleas in their house. Once you get them they are HARD to get rid of! Here are some tips we have used that actually work! Use all these remedies simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Flea Medicine

Get your cats on GOOD flea medicine- and keep them on it! Topical flea medicine such as Frontline is something you can get from your local store. Or an edible flea medicine such as Revolution, which is available by prescription from your vet are worth the money. These are the best ways to get the fleas off of your cats and keep them off. However, not everyone can afford these expensive meds or maybe you are looking for an alternative.  If you’re broke buy dawn dish soap and Give your dog or cat a bath with dawn dish soap. It’s cheap yet effective and kills fleas. The flea medications don’t stop the fleas from biting YOU, but they will help prevent future infestations after you have taken care of this one!

Flea away!

Get Rid of Pesky Fleas For Good!

Use “Precor 2000 plus” this is the same stuff used in topical flea medications. Spray your house with this. You will have to evacuate your house while it is happening, but it stops the fleas from reproducing!

Wash everything!

Get Rid of Pesky Fleas for Good

Seriously, all of your bedding, any soft things your cats lay on are probably infested with fleas or flea eggs. Use hot water whenever possible. Wash anything they lay on daily until your problem is over.

Get Vet’s Best Flea Spray

Get Rid of Pesky Fleas For Good!

This flea spray is safe to use on pets, although it is not needed if they are on flea medication. And most cats are not fond of the spraying sound. You can spray this on all of your soft furniture, cat trees. We  highly recommend this spray- it will get you through your flea problem quickly! Click here to order Vet’s Best Flea Spray on Amazon.

Vacuum often

Get Rid of Pesky Fleas for Good

At a minimum twice per day, but if you are home all day- then 4-5 times a day is not too much! Vacuum daily!! And be sure to empty the bag/canister every time! Empty the canister/bag outside! Don’t leave them in your vacuum, fleas will climb their way out! Vacuum your cat tree and anything else your cats lay on that can’t go into the laundry. Spray Vets Best after vacuuming. Sprinkle some borax on your carpet. Fun Fact: Fleas breathe through their body and suffocate that’s how it works.

Flea catching

Get rid of pesky fleas for good!

Hang a flashlight over a bowl filled with water with a small amount of dawn dish soap mixed in. Turn off all the lights in the room. The fleas are attracted to the light. They will hop in and drown. It works great! When I tried this, it was disgusting how many fleas we had caught in just one night!

A flea problem is no laughing manner. We hope this guide helps you finally get your flea infestation under control. If you have followed this guide and it has not helped, then we recommend that you get in touch with your local pest control specialist.

Get those fleas away and have a purrtastic day,

Stay At Home Cat Mom




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