What to do when your cat goes missing?

Having the experience of a lost cat is a emotional journey. Let me tell you..When Prince Michael and Wesley went missing I was devastated! I would listen to: Mariah Carey, “Without You” and Whitney Houston  & Mariah Carey, “When You Believe” – on repeat!  I thought my life was over -seriously! But I had to stay strong and keep the faith though! Luckily they didn’t go far.Missing Prince Michael

Here is my story about that time…

Indoor cats who get lost typically don’t travel far from home, less than a few miles. Both my cats were found a couple of blocks from where they were staying. They are indoor cats and until then they had only been outside on the apartment patio. Initially, Prince Michael got chased out by my ex in-laws dog (Someone left the door open hmm). Wesley was very sad he would cry for his brother. He knew what had happened so he snuck out at night to find him. I went out at night looking for them. I went on walks and did drive-bys.

We found Wesley three days later. He was just in someone’s front yard only two streets over. I made craigslist ads. Flyers for them and went door to door leaving them..  It was like 150 that a friend printed out for me. Heather-if you ever read this thank you!!!

Don’t give up!

I was very persistent on my search. I never gave up! So if you lose your cat- never give up! Prince Michael was found underneath a shed in someone’s backyard. I received a call from a lovely couple who were gracious to feed Prince Michael for a month and a half.  Someone which I had given a flyer to. This couple was nice enough to watch Prince Michael while I was gone (at the time my great g-pa was in the hospital out of state). Until I could come and get him. When I came back I had to rent a cage trap to catch him- Prince Michael is a very skittish cat.

So if you are looking for your lost beloved here are some helpful ideas to try:

  • Putting your litter box outside- They can smell it from very far and it might make them be able to find their way home. 
  • Flyers if your city allows, (community boards at grocery stores, etc) as I said I made 150 and posted them on power poles and left them on door steps.
  • Craigslist ad
  • Be sure to check your local animal shelters.
  • I rented a cage trap and put some food in it and sure enough it worked.

We truly wish you the best luck in finding your cat and we know this is a difficult time in your life.

We wish you the best of luck,

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  1. Aw I am so glad Prince Michael was found! I have two kitties and my biggest fear is that they might be let out and run away. They both have collars and microchips so I’m hoping that, if that ever happens, they’ll be found. If not, I’m glad I have your tips!!

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