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Cat Wines


Have you ever heard of Apollo Peak Cat Wines!? I found them at a local shop and I thought how fun! Now I can enjoy a glass of wine with my furbabies! There aren’t actually any alcohol in the cat wines, instead they are made with catnip! I got the “Pinot Meow” but there are several different flavors with adorable names to go along with them!


In addition to the Pinot Meow they also have the Meowtini, the Meow Mosa, the MosCATo, the CATbernet, and the White Kittendel!

Apollo Cat Wines review
Lucky has a little taste.
Apollo Cat Wines review
Lucky Approves!
Apollo Cat Wines review
Little Kitty says MMM that Catnip is PAWsatively PURRfect


They didn’t need quite as much as I poured for them they seemed happy with just a few tastes. It was fun giving them something new to drink which was still mostly healthy. The ingredients for all the wines are different, but for the Pinot Meow it was just water, catnip, beet juice, sea salt and ascorbic acid.

I  know catnip effects every cat differently, so if your cat has a negative reaction to catnip I would stay away. For my cats catnip makes them super cuddly and happy. They love it!

Have your cats tried a Cat Wine? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

Purr Often,

Stay At Home Cat Mom

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Apollo Peak Cat Wines Review - Stay At Home Cat Mom reviews a cat wine!

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