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A Cats Guide to the 5 Best Cat Toys of 2017

Play is important for all cats to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Cat toys can help them play; although cats can play will just about anything from a ball of paper to a cut up zip-tie, sometimes it is just fun to have some really cool “cat toys” to play with.


Laser pointers never go out of style, but the newest thing is interactive laser pointers. No more sore arms for holding your laser pointer up for so long, these interactive laser pointers do all the hard work for you.


RC controlled mice – if you have kids (or are one yourself) you get a two-for-one toy!


Cat Amazing – This is a really cool toy that exercises both your cats mind and body at once. They start off as a beginner, you place a treat inside and they have to use their brain to get the treat out. There is an intermediate level, and a hard level. The only disadvantage to this is that it is made out of cardboard so it wont last forever.


Cat nip mice– Cat nip mice, another fun toy. My cats love carrying these around the house. You can also make your own pretty easily. Check out our DIY cat toy page!



Fling-ama-String – This is a nifty contraption that moves a string around and around on a conveyor belt.



Wands– another go to toy for every cat lover! There are many varieties of these. Some with wires, some rope, and some ribbon. A definite must have!

We hope this helps you find the PURRfect toy for your cat! Have a PAWsome day,

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  1. Boy toys have definitely upgraded since I was raising two kittens long ago. I currently don’t have any cats now, since my last cat passed away 2 years ago, BUT when I’m ready to adopt again I’m going to use your suggestions. Cool! I was referred to your blog via BlogPaws

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