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How to stop your cat from scratching furniture?



Cats are known to be the most delicate and lovely pets around; however, cats have an instinctual need to scratch. See my little boy, he was a scratcher. (photo below, being caught in the act!) Here is how I cured him from this terrible habit in 3 simple steps. 

cat scratching wall
Caught in the act!


1.Use unpleasant sprays and tapes to prevent scratching:

First thing you need to do is to make sure that the areas that you don’t want to be scratched are less inviting. Corners of the upholstery couches and chairs are synonymous to scratching magnet. Apply herbal sprays or dual sided tapes like sticky paws to make these areas less appealing. Paws of the cats are really sensitive to touch and with the sticky surfaces cats feel being annoyed and hence avoid scratching any place that is uninviting.

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2. Displace the attention of the cats:

If you’re feline does not have any specific scratching spot then she may claim scratching the furniture and upholstery of the house to be its instinctive behavior. You can offer it with more appealing alternatives like boards, posts, furniture’s etc, with these you will find your cat preferring to scratch somewhere else.

    • If you cat scratches around wooden legs of the desks or around the door frames then you can make use of the cat post or furniture that are made up of cedar.

    • If your cat is always feel affinity towards soft sides of your couch then you may think of getting a perch or a carpeted rug as an alternative to the earlier ones

    • A rough and tough marine grade rope also tends to be the favorite spot for scratching among cats. You may try replacing it with a vertical post.

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      Now every time you catch your kitty attempting to scratch at one of the unwanted scratching spots, you must bring them to the spots that are welcome for scratching and invite him to scratch there!


Cat scratching wall
Sorry mom!

3. Dull the claws of the feline:

One of the best ways of preventing the scratching damage is to make it a habit to trim the nails of the cats. Make it your habit. You can easily access a veterinary quality clipper and gently squeeze the paws to expose the claws that are retractable. As we all know that cats may resist handling, therefore try to wrap her in a soft towel. Another way to ensure dull claws is by covering it with soft claws nail caps. They are easily glued and usually last for almost 4 to 6 weeks. They do not interfere the normal claw retraction.

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These little ways of preventing scratching behavior safeguard your furniture as well as your family. If you think your cat may be bored, check out our Cat Mom Survival Guide where you can find some great tips to keep your cat entertained.

We hope that this post helps you and your sweet cat to coexist peacefully. As always, thanks for visiting and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Purr Often,

Stay At Home Cat Mom


How to stop your cat from scratching furniture

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  2. We are thrilled that you love it as much as we do! I also used to use a squirt bottle just with water that help too. In fact the sound of spraying. Even faking it now makes my cats hiss and run away. Hugs to you too! Say Meow to your cat from all of us!

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