How Does A Cat Get Its Personality?

Just like humans, cats carry a part of their parents’ traits with them. They will get different attributes from each of their dad and mom. They are still unique because their personality is dependent on their surrounding and how they are raised.


Talking to your kitty is a must for each cat owner. Though it may look like you two are jabbering incessantly, but it doesn’t appear that way. Our cats must have constant verbal input and expect a full accounting of the owner’s thoughts whether he/she is cooking, cleaning, washing, or whatever. You might be alone at home, but you should never deny your cat this personality.

Siamese cats are curious, energetic, and intelligent – quite an interesting combination that sometimes gets them into trouble as they are always determined to do anything to satisfy their curiosity. This may include opening cupboards doors, and anything else you’ve sidelined them out of.

They love to learn new tricks and things, so they are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of cat. Such personality makes it easier to train them and this also helps keep them mentally stimulated.


It is believed that cats sleep for long hours daily and they love sleeping in warm places such as on top of your knees or your lap. This personality might not be comfortable as you would love to do other things, but cat owners must learn to be committed to their cat on a regular basis. Most felines don’t begin as a lap cat but over the years, they’ll emerge to be penultimate lapper. It takes a flexible cat owner to see his/her feline exhibit this personality.

Bengal cats have an outstanding personality that is definitely not for everyone. They need a loving, caring, and active family that can them the love and attention that they require. Bengals are a big fan of children provided that their freedom and movement will not be disrupted by children constantly cuddling and hugging them. They have some unique traits that ardent pet owners will definitely want to explore.


What this practically means is that you must let your cat approach you, not you approaching a cat. A cat’s natural feeling of superiority is one of the differences between dogs and cats. Your cat will value your concession towards him or her. Lack of interest will win the even the most persnickety cat.

Above all, one thing that will have an effect on your cat’s personality is how train and discipline it. There are owners who will rebuff their pets for an error made. They can do this is a severe manner, even skirting on oppressive. However, there can also be those cat owners who will discipline their cats with less physical and terrible ways. Just make sure you are very patient with your pet because they do what they do trying to be what they are – a cat.


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