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When it comes to cat naming, there are literally thousands of options available. Just know that there’s always a connection between the cat and its owner that is slightly psychic in nature. The trick is to go with the flow and don’t struggle with the choice too greatly.

In your search for cat names, it is a good idea to look through cat name books just the same way you search for your children’s name. Let’s say your beloved cat is white as a ghost, you could think about famous ghosts in history and choose one. That is a creative way of thinking, but we are just getting started!

Here is a cat naming guide that will help you name your new fur baby. Happy naming!

1. Know Your Cats Gender

This may seem like an easy decision; however many pet owners have mistakenly named their cat “Jack” instead of “Jill” moments before knowing their cat’s gender!name your cat with this guide

2. Let Your Pet Guide You

Take your time to create a shortlist of names that you find interest in and then try calling them out to your cat. Its response could very well help you to pick the perfect name!


3. Be Respectful!

Never pick names that will reduce the worth of your pet.

4. Use Simple Names

It is easy to call out a pet name with two-syllables. It is easy for your pet to understand such names; however, if you want to go with a long name such as “Billy Graham Piper,” make sure it can be shortened to “Piper” or Billy” for daily use and simplicity sake.

5. Avoid Names That Sound Like Commands

Your cats listens depending on how well you train them, make sure you avoid names that sound like commands!

6. Use Your Pet’s Breed For Inspiration

For instance, choose a Scottish name for your Scottish Fold, a German name for your Dachshund, and a French name for your Bichon Frise.How to name your new cat!

7. Avoid Embarrassing Names

Naming a cat embarrassing names isn’t ideal and try to have the name changed immediately if you already have a cat named with embarrassing name.

When it comes to cat naming, some smart owners think outside the box by going for undeniable or the simplest, and this has really worked for certain cats. Of course, the simplest names can become the mysterious and unique name in its own right. Grandpa names like Herbert, Chuck, Max are pretty cool for a cat. Tiger, Puss, Smokey, Misty, Kitty, Oscar, Bella, Molly, Sam, Coco, Simba, Milo, Angel, Chloe, Tigger, Lucy, Missy, and Lily are also great names for cats.

There are plenty of cat name databases that will match the cultural origin that will translate its cultural meaning. Naming a cat is really fun because it is something and that extraordinarily memorable.

We hope this guide will help you in naming your cat!

Good luck,

Stay At Home Cat Mom

What did you end up naming your cat? Let us know in the comments!



a guide to cat naming

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13 thoughts on “Cat Naming Guide- How to name your new furbaby”

  1. One of my cats made us change his name. My husband wanted to call him “Tom Baker” for the Doctor Who actor. After a few days, the kitten began sleeping next to my fireplace dragon every chance he got, until we finally conceded that we had named him wrong. He’s Drake (as in the kind of dragon) now, and doesn’t sleep with the fireplace dragon anymore. He quit that about a week after we changed his name. Some cats just know.

  2. When I was a child, we thought my kitten was a girl. We picked the name Peaches. We learned that we made a mistake and changed it to Petie. We adopted a stray and waited to name her. We found that she wasn’t exactly graceful, so her name became Grace. Soon after, we learned that she was expecting kittens so she’s now known as Mama Grace. Slash, Backslash, and Raven were named based on markings on their fur. Sir Edmund Hillary loves to climb. Monkey had a little Monkey face and of all the kittens, he was the smallest.

  3. It’s funny how a pet name can just come to you. When we adopted our cat, I immediately started calling her snowflake because she is an almost all white Siamese mix and it was really cold the night we found her. Although, we did say that if we found out she was a male cat we could change the name to Snowball!! My cat growing up was named Whiskers because she had extremely long whiskers on her.

  4. Great tips! Funny how easy it can sometimes be to name a cat & other times you can’t come up with anything! I remember as a child, my 2 sisters & I got a black cat & we couldn’t agree on a name. One wanted to name it Pumpkin (possibly because it was close to halloween & he was a black cat?) and one wanted to name it Teddy or Teddy Bear – so we compromised & named him TeddyPumpkin. Sounds funny – but growing it, it was just a regular name.
    Our cat now is named Make – he’s grey & black striped, so my husband said he looked like a Mako Shark – so the boys named him Mako.

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