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How to Keep Your Indoor Cats Entertained: A Cat Mom Survival Guide

Sometimes indoor cats can get bored. They don’t have a lot of room to run around compared to if they were to wander the neighborhood; so we put together this survival guide to help you keep your indoor cat from being bored and causing trouble.

  1. A New Toy

An indoor cat mom survival guide

Something new and interesting can keep your cat busy! And a worn out cat is a happy cat and less likely to cause trouble. (Laser pointers are all the rage!)
Here’s a link to our Our Favorite Cat Toys!.
And a link to our 10 favorite DIY cat toy tutorials.

  1. YouTube / DVDs

An indoor cat survival guide!

While too much screen time isn’t good for anyone, a little screen time every once in awhile is a great time to keep your cat busy and entertained. Leaving a video on while you are away is a great way to comfort your cat and keep them from feeling lonely.
Here’s a link to our cats favorite videos to watch.

  1. Cat Trees/Perches

Keeping your cat entertained: An indoor cat survival guide

Cats love climbing. Cat trees and perches help your cat to do some climbing indoors. A heated perch  can lure your cat to sit in front of the window and a bird bath or feeder outside the window can keep the cat busy for hours. You could even consider building a catio, which is an outdoor enclosure for indoor cats. It lets them get some fresh air, but keeps them safe.

  1. A New Box

Keeping your cat entertained: An indoor cat survival guide

Cats love boxes so much there is a whole day of the week dedicated to their love for boxes! #CatBoxSunday  A new box to cuddle in is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your cat happy.

  1. Scratch Post

Keeping your cat entertained: An indoor cat survival guide

Cats scratch to remove dead layers of their claws. Having a scratch post in more than one area of your home will prevent them from scratching furniture or walls.  

  1. Quality Time

An indoor cat survival guide!

Quality time is just that- quality over quantity. Cats want your undivided attention but not to be smothered. When your cat reaches out for your attention. Pay attention and validate what it is they are trying to ask from you. Are they hungry? Does their litter box need to be cleaned? Do they want you to get off the computer because its bed time. Or maybe they just want to sit on your lap to be with you. Once you acknowledge this you will see them appreciate the things you do for them. And then they will come to you to be cuddled.

We hope you enjoyed this survival guide and we hope that it helps you to keep your cat indoors and entertained!

Take care and have a PURRific day,

Stay At Home Cat Mom

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How to keep your indoor cat entertained: A Stay At Home Cat Mom Survival Guide

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  1. I’m a cat Mum too and have tried most of these tricks with my 2! We also created an enclosed “outdoor” garden / area for them so that they can go outside without leaving the yard (plus is means we don’t have to change litter trays which is awesome! I think they like it out there as they always come bounding in the door from out there first thing in the morning when I get up to greet me 🙂

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