The Book Bin – A Cat-Friendly Bookshop

It was a dreary Sunday morning. As I stepped off the train at the Salem, Oregon my foot fell into an ankle deep puddle. Alicia was there to pick me up, and she drove us to her favorite Indian restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, they didn’t open for another hour so we looked around us to see what we could do to kill some time. The book store sign was calling my name, it was just what I needed to turn this dreary day into something great.

When we got to the entrance the first thing I noticed was the cute little sign on the front door. It read “Store cat on duty. She is cute, but she may scratch. and 95% of the time we do not know where she is.”

How exciting! We can spend an hour looking for the perfect book and maybe find a cute cat! We spent quite a while looking at the books downstairs before we realized that there was an upstairs we could visit also. The store was not very busy at all.

On the top of the stairs was the sweet kitty!


She was a very laid back and friendly kitty. We gave her some pets and found some books and it was time for lunch! And guess what! Her name is Rose too how sweet.

After lunch we went to Tuesday Morning and found some PAWsome cat lady supplies! Nothing like cats and shopping to brighten up a dreary Sunday morning!

Do you have any local cat-friendly businesses? We would LOVE to hear about them! Drop us a note in the comment section!

Have a PAWsome day,

Stay At Home Cat Mom



We love cats- a story of stumbling upon a cat-friendly bookshop

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