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A Black Cat Theme Party

Parties are fun and you can have a party for just about any reason! When putting together a party, choosing a theme can make it so much fun!  Here are some ideas I put together for A Black Cat Themed Party! Enjoy!

A black Cat Themed Party

Where you can get these items for a Black Cat Themed Party

A. I created this simple invitation on the computer using image editing software. You can easily make one yourself adding text and clip art to create the perfect invitation for you. Or you can get an awesome gold calligraphy pen and some black paper and do it the old fashioned way!

B. I fell in love with this cake, and it was actually the inspiration for this party! Click here to check out the SUPER EASY Black Cat Cake Tutorial from The Cake Blog.

C. Stemless wineglasses are elegant, yet still somewhat casual. I love these hand-decorated Crazy Cat Lady Stemless Wine Glasses from KimHearts on Etsy!

D. Party Banner from FabStationParty on Etsy

E. Gold Cutlery from Party City will match this theme.

F. Black and Gold Napkins from Party City to match the theme

G. Simple Black Party Balloons – Add some gold paper to make them look like cats!

H. Gold Serving dish, another great idea would be finding cat food bowls in your theme colors, they could be used for your cat when the party is over!

I. Gold Plates from Party City – they have colors to fit every theme!

J. A simple black table cloth is an easy way to bring together all of the gold elements on the table. Black Fabric Tablecloth from Party City

We hope this post gives you some inspiration for your own cat party. Have you put together a cat party? We would love to hear all about it down in the comments section!

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