5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat

Cats can teach us so many things about life if we would just listen! Here are five amazing life lessons we can learn from a cat.

Live in the Moment

5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat

Cats are constantly living in the moment. They are aware with all their sense and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Cats do not dwell in the past or worry about the future. When they get the feeling of doing something they do it that moment- with cat-like reflexes. They feel like sitting on your lap, they do it and when they feel like running around the house at 3am, they do it!

Insist on the Best

5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat
Didn’t buy the brand of cat food your cat most desires? They know what they like and will not settle for second best. Don’t settle for second best. Be the best self you can be.



Love Yourself First

5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat
Cats give themselves the self-care that they need. They know that in order to be the cat they need to be for others they must take care of themselves first. Making yourself a priority is good for your physical and mental health. Know when to say ‘NO’.


Enjoy the simple pleasures in life

5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat

Soaking up that small sunbeam or curling up next to the fire. Kicking back and enjoying all of nature has to offer. Cats really know how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Think about the small things that really make you happy. The things you can enjoy that cost little or no money. The simple pleasures in life that make life worth living.

Purrsistence Pays Off

5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat

When they want breakfast at 5 am and you are not ready to get out of bed, do you think cats just give up at the first refusal. No! They know what they want and they will not give up until you are out of bed and have breakfast in their dish.


We hope you enjoyed this post! What are some lessons that your cat has taught you? Leave us a message in the comments below!
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5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat - Stay At Home Cat Mom

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33 thoughts on “5 Things We Can Learn From A Cat”

  1. I enjoyed this post. I love cats too. They are so persistent as you rightfully said. I have one her name is Snuggles. When she is hungry she makes it known. If her litter box is not cleaned on time she would also make it known. When I am on my laptop if she feels like sitting on top of the keyboard then I have to let her sleep and wait on her to wake lol. Too adorable!

  2. This is so cute! I don’t have a cat, but my dog has that purrsistence thing down! If she wants tummy rubs, she won’t let me give her a few pats and return to what I’m working on… she’ll drape herself over my computer again and again until I finally give her a real tummy rub. She never cares that I’m planning to finish what I’m working on and then give her my full attention. 😂

  3. You nailed it! Every cat that I have known has all of these traits! I need to post these somewhere to remind myself how I can be more like cats!

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