10 Work at Home Jobs For Cat Lovers

If you’re crazy about cats and enjoy spending your time with your fur babies then why not follow your passion! Would you like the freedom to create your own schedule to do the things in life you really want to do? Can I get a meow! More time to spend with fur babies and friends and family? Then consider self-employment. Here are 10 jobs that you can work from home for the crazy cat lady in all of us!

10 Work at Home Jobs for Cat Lovers

1.Cat Photographer

For those of you with eye for detail, if you enjoy taking pictures why not specialize in cat photography? People who love their pets would love to keep their memories alive in pictures. You can start by offering free photo shoots for family and friends. Have them write reviews for your testimonials. Create a website and add those reviews. Also put a your listing on yelp so local people can find you.

2. Pet store online  

The Pet store industry annual growth in the United States was 4.5% in the years 2011-2016 with the total revenue of a whopping 19 billion dollars! Statics from: Pet Stores in the US: Market Research Report. And that being said the industry is only getting bigger. People love spoiling their fur babies! I’m a frequent shopper online for my cats.  You can have your own eCommerce website. Or sell on eBay or Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon. There is also drop shipping. Pick some goodies cats love, cat supplies, or cat lover stuff. Build your brand by promoting on social media platforms.

3. Cat sitting business

Imagine checking up on cats in their homes and hanging out with them! All you have to do is feed them pet them and maybe clean litter box.  Start your own cat sitting business and become a certified professional pet sitter. Get paid to take care of cats and have fun at the same time! National Association of Professional Pet Sitters offers a certification course for $245 napps university

4. Catnip seller

There will always be a demand for catnip. If you have a green thumb you can grow and sell catnip for cats to enjoy! Here is a helpful guide on: The Best Specialty Crop for Cat Lovers for profit. 

5. Cat writer/ blogger

Did you know that there is a  Cat Writers Association ? I didn’t! Wow if writing is your specialty why not start a blog and get writing! There is a community of pet bloggers at blogpaws.com. They have a yearly conference to get together and network with fellow pet lovers. 

6. Cat boarder

A little similar to cat sitting but more like 24 hour care in your home. If you have room enough why not take in cats while their owners are on vacation. Cat moms will find security in knowing their cat isn’t left alone while they are gone. Build a catio that’s accessible from bedroom window to keep cats happy to ensure they enjoy their stay at your luxury cat resort! 

7. Cat videos on you tube.

Cats are very popular and people love to watch funny stuff and be entertained. Some people have channels that the collect funny videos for people to watch. And get tons of views.

8. Cat behaviorist

If you’re good at reading a cats mind, you can become certified cat behaviorist. At the Animal Behavior Institute you can get your certificate: Start a New Career in Feline Behavior & Training . Become the next cat whisperer. Think of it as a cat counselor. You can observe their behavior and help solve their issues.

9. Cat groomer

Prince Michael has thick fur and grooming him can be a challenge. I’ve even looked into taking him to a cat groomer. I didn’t even know there were cat groomers. Some will come to you at extra charge. If you have the tools you could make some good money with this one. Rose’s step mom recently paid someone 70 dollars to come clip her cats nails. 

10. Cat cafe owner

I just want to sip tea and pet cats! What do you get when you put a cafe and adoptable cats together? A cat cafe! Chill and enjoy the cats while sipping on some tea or coffee.

Follow Your Passion

Turn your passion for cats and create whatever your heart desires! Get creative! The possibilities are endless! If you are crafty make something to useful sell. Always be sure to do your research on everything. Don’t forget to write out your goals.  Written Plans help you get things done! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Commit to a plan!


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  1. Great ideas! I did not know about the Cat Writers Association. I’ve been working from home with our cats for several years. I’m thankful for having the extra time with them.

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