A day in the life

What you can do to Change a Cat’s Life

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE A CATS LIFE All cats exhibit different behavioral patterns around the house while some are homeless in animal shelters. It is only natural for them to claw and scratch, stalk and hunt small prey, and climbing is a natural instinct, these are inborn natural behaviors that have been since […]

4 Dec 2018

Helpful Tips

Traveling with your cat

Traveling With Your Cat Traveling with your cat can be quite demanding and challenging. One of the major challenges is vomiting and irritation; no matter how short your trip is there is a possibility of this event to take place. It is normal because most cats live their entire lives in the house, therefore, bringing […]

6 Jul 2018


What to Expect When You Get Your Cat Spayed or Neutered

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU GET YOUR CAT SPAYED OR NEUTERED Spaying or neutering is a procedure to remove a cat’s ability to reproduce. For male cats, the term neuter is used, which is the surgical removal of the testicles. On the other hand, female cats are spayed, which involves the surgical removal of the […]

27 Feb 2018


How to Give a Pill to a Cat

HOW TO GIVE A PILL TO A CAT Cats may be small but powerful pets that can easily wriggle out of most situations, especially when it involves swallowing a pill. However, this process (swallowing pills) cannot be skipped as it prevents your pet from several illnesses and diseases. There are several methods for getting a […]

21 Jan 2018


Meowtivational Quotes

Meowtivational Quotes When you need a little meowtivation to reach your goals, there is nothing more purrfect that quotes with cats. *Clicking on an image will bring it larger* We hope you enjoyed these MEOWtivational quotes! We will add more as we create them! Here are the quotes in no particular order: “It always seems […]

4 Jan 2018


How Does A Cat Get Its Personality?

CAT PERSONALITIES How Does A Cat Get Its Personality? Just like humans, cats carry a part of their parents’ traits with them. They will get different attributes from each of their dad and mom. They are still unique because their personality is dependent on their surrounding and how they are raised. CATS ENJOY COMMUNICATING Talking […]

17 Nov 2017


My Honest Pretty Litter Review

Pretty Litter FYI: there is talk of pee and poop. lol  So I was going to buy one of those cat urine tests but instead I bought pretty litter because I kept seeing the ads on fb… I thought I give it a try. After reading the stories about cats having urine crystals I was curious […]

23 Oct 2017


How To Trim A Cats Claws

HOW TO TRIM A CATS CLAWS Regularly trimming cat claws is an easy and pleasant routine that should be practiced as it will ensure you don’t have your cat scratching up your house. Before you start trimming your cat claws, there are some important things you must know in order to do it right. PREPARING […]

18 Sep 2017


Guide to grooming

GUIDE TO GROOMING YOUR CAT As a cat owner, grooming cats may seem easy but that shouldn’t limit your responsibility to take care of. The grooming session is a good time to properly check your cat’s eyes, ears, claws, and teeth. Choose a relaxed, quiet time to groom your cat. For a young kitten, take […]

2 Sep 2017

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